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FaceTime for Windows: How To Use FaceTime App on PC?

Are you in search for the procedure to get Facetime for Windows Computer? Would you like to have a video call with someone through the Facetime app from the Windows 10 PC? If you have these questions in mind, then you must read the following article to know whether you can have this Facetime App on your Windows PC or not. FaceTime is one of the best video calling apps supported by Apple and getting to try a hands on the same will fill anyone with delight. Meanwhile, speculations are still rife that Apple will shortly make FaceTime available across
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How To Login to iCloud on iPhone/Windows?

Are you getting failed attempts while trying to login into iCloud account? Did the official iCloud login page is showing error like invalid email or password? Here are the right solutions for you. As the time passes, we see a simultaneous change in the technological aspects of the world we live in. There are tremendous changes which take place in the way we use technology. One of the significant advancement took place in the way we use digital storage. Cloud Computing has revolutionized the storage scenario in the present times. When we think about cloud, we generally relate it to
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How to Setup and Use iCloud on Windows?

There are features in Mac OS X that seem to be reserved only for users of Apple products. The products inspire envy amongst the users of Windows PCs. And one of those applications has been iCloud. If you are a Windows user who has always wished to get iCloud on PC, then let us assure you that you are not the only one. The lovers of iCloud are way too many and there is good news for those ones who want iCloud for Windows. It is possible to get the iCloud facility on a Windows PC and the steps are

Best Gaming Recording Software For Windows 2018

Gaming has become an inseparable part of our lives. Whether the game is as humble as minesweeper or extravagant like the Grand Theft Auto, gaming brings joy to the young and old alike. This is one sector which will never go out of fashion. With new games emerging every minute, more and more players are joining in the heist of the gaming world. Best Gaming Recording Software For PC:   With all this fuzz, it becomes a natural instinct to record our game to showcase and share our achievements with friends or to boast around other fellow players. Recording your

5 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives For 2018

An image or photo editing software is the one which can manipulate, correct and enhance your images. From simple cropping and resizing to background removal and cloning duplication, image editing software come with a lot of different features that strive to give the best possible look to your image. Image editing software has been in use for decades. But even today, if you ask anyone for an image editor’s name, the answer is almost unanimously Photoshop. This Adobe creation has become so popular that the term ‘Photoshop’ is being used as a verb now. Phrases like ‘photoshopped image’ and ‘it

Safari for Windows PC : Download & Install Guide

Web browsing is an experience in itself. It has to be smooth, seamless, quick and enriching. This is usually ensured by the interface of the browser and also how it makes the user feel while web browsing. If you want to get the best experience using a web browser, then you certainly need Safari that is one of the best browser the world has ever seen. It is quite intuitive and works without any hassles. But what if you are a Windows user? Can you get Safari for Windows PC? The answer is quite pleasant, a “Yes!” This is made

Kik Messenger For PC Download on Windows 7/8/10

A new instant messenger is making waves in the tech world. The entire world seems to be rapidly getting smitten by this app that has made instant messaging so seamless and enjoyable at the same time. The loads of features that the application brings to your disposal are just overwhelming. The list if thrills never seem to end. By now you must have figured out what we are talking about. Yes, it is the Kik messenger. Getting Kik Messenger for PC is not a tedious job and you can enjoy this superb application on your PC seamlessly. You just need

How to Get iMessage on Windows 10 Computer

iMessage is one of those applications in Mac OS that have captured the minds of people as it is quite seamless and gives a beautiful user experience to people. There are many people who miss iMessage on Windows since the application is reserved for Mac systems. And if you are one of those people waiting for iMessage on Windows 10, then you may be disappointed initially as finding a solution can get a bit problematic. But since you have already landed on the page, your search for a perfect solution is going to end soon. Let us help you get
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How to Make Google My Homepage?

Tired of opening your web browser and finding a new search engine page every single time? This is an issue faced by every single web user at one point or another. It is frustrating to then type in ‘google’ in the search tab, and then open the Google homepage. Most users prefer to have Google as their search engine because of the vast collection of data, the accuracy of data relating to the search keywords and of course the processing speed. Google has become so popular that the term ‘google’ has become a verb to denote the action of searching

5 Best BlueStacks Alternatives For Windows Users

Before starting to discuss BlueStacks alternatives and best android emulators, let us first understand what an android emulator is. An Android emulator is basically a software, which when installed on your computer, will let you access the Android apps installed on your phone. From using WhatsApp to playing games, you can do all the things you would normally do on your phone on your laptop or PC. The accounts on both devices can be synced such that you can simultaneously use your apps on both, without losing coherence. Whenever an action is done in either of the devices, it is