Tinder Bios Can Cure Your Singlehood

Do you want to know how Tinder Bios can cure your singlehood? Then you must go through this draft to know the exact reason of why the singles need to update their Tinder bio to get a match with the best profile.

Tinder is your best friend, if you are single, just broken up, looking for casual hookups. If you are in pursuit of everlasting love, tinder can do that for you. A perfect app for the bachelors of the 21st century. The game of love and dating is not an easy, dating is as challenging today as it was ages ago back in the olden days. Just the technology has shaken things up, and nothing more than that has changed. Now the world makes wishes to meet people online rather than stepping out in the real world. Well, that statement is not 100% true. Hey! The world on the outside is incredible, and we as teens or young adults or pretty much anyone desires quick and lasting results. Stepping out into the actual world is a game that will be soon phased out by the implosion of technology and social media.

Creating the Best Tinder Bios

The person can’t see you neither can they meet you, so all they have on their hands is your biography shortly Bio, and whatever you fill them. Filling random thoughts and things won’t help you land a date, there is a way to do it. We will guide you boys and girls on just how it can be done. Your dream date and love life are going take a new turn towards a whole new destination.

best tinder bios tips

Girls overlook guys and guys they moonwalk on their mobile phones. What would this get you? Imbalance in the equation of likes and women they will only go after the most attractive match. Let’s face it, not all of us are the same and if that is the case, dude you have to fill out those Tinder bios. Leaving them blank is a sin. So take the cue and hit the road, figure out your mistakes and follow up on our guide to landing a hot date.

No Empty Biograph, Please!

First things first, how are you looking to attract anyone if all they can see is a blank space.

Go back, no you are not going to look desperate, just be honest. Write it all out, explain yourself. Be proper, don’t brag. Getting those spellings wrong can be a significant problem, get it processed. Grammar Nazis are everywhere.

Some Important Things about Tinder Bios

Well, in the previous point, we have already given you few tips on what should go there. If you are unaware of what is good and acceptable, then the so-called “tinderland” as in wonderland will spite you with rejections. So let’s just get right into it, what is good and what is wrong.

#1 Good Stuff

Get their attention with catchy one-liners or catchy things. Yes, it is like hunting for fishes with a fishing rod. Only this time, you are looking at people of your opposite gender, and the only thing you got is your bio. Make is something flashy yet unique, it should take control of your viewer and then the swipe yours.

#2 Align Your Interests

See, it is straightforward. Your interests and the things you talk about should be in tune with another person. If he or she sees that this is what they like, then they are curious. Thinking about you and now that you have her attention, you got to get that person.

How do you ask? Well, you can’t have just one interest, imagine being out with someone that is deep into fishing. All they want to talk about is that, will it be okay for you? Obviously not, you need more than that. So here it comes the second line of interest, traits when you update Tinder Bios. See there is a strange line of interest that is deemed the most desirable. You have got to have some of these. Give the people something that they can associate with and then win them over.

#3 Awaken The Inner Comedian

The one thing people love the most is a person that can make the other one laugh. See, hurting anyone is easy but forcing them to smile and downright act silly and laugh out loud isn’t that easy, right? That requires some serious skills and you can take advantage of this act when updating your Tinder Bios.

Everyone loves to smile and no one would agree to want to be someone that is depressing. Laughter is contagious, it is impressive. Humourous people are intelligent, creative and they command more respect. So be the funny guy in your BIOS Jokes, funny statement and downright creative people stand the best chance of winning over people.

#4 Now Ditching On The Bad Stuff

You should not ever stuff more emoji and things that make it hard to read. Just keep things simple silly, fill it out with simple, unintelligible yet sophisticated verbatim that can be understood.

#5 BIO is not CV, and there is no HR

Hey, no one gives a smooth crap about what is going on in your professional life. If you have to write about it, be discrete about it. Compile all of it in an understandable yet easy to interpret. You can go down the route and show off your vocab, if that is what you fancy but be aware of the fact.

This is not an app where you will land a job; this is an app for something else if you want to have good times. Make sure you don’t turn your  Tinder bio into a CV, no one wants to see that.

To wrap it all up in the most eloquent manner. The good and the bad are laid out In the very precise and straightforward way. You have to come up with something that is witty. Tinder Bios should make your opposite gender laugh. If you can align your interests with them and curious anatomy of humankind take over.

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