Skype for Mac OS : Free Download

Skype is a quite famous tool for video conferencing and for connecting people across the borders. People usually prefer Windows system for using Skype and Skype has been known to work best for a personal computer. But have you ever longed to have Skype for Mac? There are many Mac users who would like to use Skype over FaceTime because everyone in the world does not have a Mac system. What if the other person or party is a job provider or your loved one, and you cannot have a video call just because the other person does not carry a Mac.

No wonder, they can get FaceTime on the personal computer too using a few tweaks, but what’s the point of doing so when you can get Skype for Mac using the following steps?

System Requirements:

To get Skype for Mac, you need to have a few prerequisites assured on your system.

  • Your Mac system must be supporting Mac OS X of version 10.9 or higher.
  • Minimum of 1 GB of RAM is required.
  • 1 GHz processor of Intel or above is a must.
  • You must have the latest version of QuickTime.
  • Headset or microphone is recommended.
  • A webcam is mandatory for video chat.
  • Get a good broadband connection for your voice calls, which must support a minimum of 100 Kbps upload and download speed.

Download Skype for Mac:

Here are steps to download skype for mac os computer are

  • Simply go to your browser and type Skype for Mac download.
  • Download Skype for the Mac OS X operating system and save it in whichever folder you want to.
  • Launch the setup file and install the application in your system.

Download Skype for Mac

Installation Steps:

Once you double click on the setup file or the executable file meant for installation, you will find a Finder window open up.

The Finder window will ask you to add Skype to your Applications folder.

Drag the Skype logo inside the Applications folder icon.

Next Steps for using Skype for Mac

You have to locate Skype on Mac system. Go to Launchpad and check on Skype. The Skype icon must be visible if the installation has happened successfully.

  • Double click on the Skype icon and launch it.
  • You can also go to the Applications folder and find the Skype icon. Double-clicking on this icon will also launch the application for you.

Login and enjoy

Once the application launches, you have to create an account. The account can be created by using an email id or a phone number.

  • You will have to go through double verification steps and need to confirm your identity.
  • Once the login is successful, you can go ahead to enjoy all the features of Skype on your computer.

Benefits of Skype for Mac:

Once Skype starts running successfully on your computer, you can start enjoying its benefits.

  • You can share images and files on Skype.
  • Instant messaging through messenger soon becomes a habit.
  • Low-cost calls to mobile phones and landlines in far off places become possible.
  • You can send text messages to phones easily.
  • Make use of video calls and group video calls to the maximum.

Customer Care

In case you face any trouble with Skype on your Mac device, do not be troubled. Your problems will be easily sorted out. You can go ahead on the Skype portal to ask for help or can even arrange an appointment with the virtual agent. You can also send feedback about your experience and help the Skype team to improve the application and make it better for all users across the world.

Do remember that Skype is not an option for emergency calls. There are some features that must be left to a telephone itself.


Getting Skype application on your Mac is quite easy. You just need to follow a few steps and your job will be done. There are many people and friends who would like to hear from you even though they are separated miles apart from you. Given the ubiquity of Windows system around the world, it is quite probable that the other person will carry Skype rather than other software applications for video calls. At these times, you just cannot afford to miss talking to someone simply because of the absence of a software.

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