Safari for Windows PC : Download & Install Guide

Web browsing is an experience in itself. It has to be smooth, seamless, quick and enriching. This is usually ensured by the interface of the browser and also how it makes the user feel while web browsing. If you want to get the best experience using a web browser, then you certainly need Safari that is one of the best browsers the world has ever seen. It is quite intuitive and works without any hassles.

Safari for Windows PC

But what if you are a Windows user? Can you get Safari for Windows PC? The answer is quite pleasant, a “Yes!” This is made possible by the steps that we will tell you right away. We are sure you are excited.

Why Safari?

The reason why you need a Safari for Windows PC is that this browser does not focus on the browser, but rather on browsing experience.

  • If you notice well, you will find the browser frame to be simply one-pixel wide.
  • The scroll bar also does not interfere with the screen and appears only when required, i.e. when a user hovers over the right edge of the screen.
  • There is no status bar by default. However, you do get a progress spinner as a webpage loads. The tabs are also at the top of the window, which allows for a large room for viewing the web pages.

A great experience is delivered by all these factors and this makes Safari as one of the most sought-after browsers in the industry. You will simply feel yourself getting immersed in the world of internet, as the large window of the browser where the webpages appear to make it easy for you to navigate the websites.

Advantages of Safari for Windows PC

The advantages of Safari web browser are numerous and all may not fit in this article though. The primary advantages are listed down and they are enough to excite anyone to use the browser.

  • The speed of Safari is always 2x faster on any existing platform. You can easily compare the speed of two browsers by seeing the time in which the web results were fetched. Moreover, you can test it on your own laptop by ensuring that the two competing browsers get the same share of resources and same quality of internet connectivity.
  • The user interface is far neater than most of the other browser. It helps you to focus on websites, and not on the browser application.
  • Bookmarking is quite easy for users of Safari. You can organize the websites the same way you organize music in iTunes. This enables easy access to web pages and also increases productivity.
  • Pop-ups can be blocked easily with Safari. Pop-under windows and pop-up ads can be blocked within seconds.
  • An Integrated Find banner helps you to search for any text on any website.
  • Tabbed browsing on Safari is made possible by having multiple webpages in a single window.
  • One of the best parts is the enhanced security that Safari provides to the users.

Download Safari for Windows PC

Getting Safari for your PC is not an ordeal. It does not take much time today to get this amazing software on your PC.

    • Simply go to any download link, one click on the download button meant for Safari.

Download Safari for Windows PC

    • Check for all the prerequisites of your system before you start the download process.
    • Once the download is complete, simply click on the downloaded file at the bottom-left corner of the screen or go to Downloads folder to launch the downloaded file. You can try Bluestacks for the same.
    • Once the file opens, go through the on-screen instructions to successfully install the application on your system.
  • Do not that you will need Windows XP or above for using Safari on the Windows PCs. Do remember that the file size is 36.71 MB, so be patient while the download is in progress.

Safari application for Windows PC is a freeware, which means you are not charged any fee for getting this application. You can be assured of the quality since it is a product by Apple. Just be careful that you download the application file from a legitimate website so that viruses and trojans don’t bother you. Your web browsing experience will be sorted for life.

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