How to Recover a Forgotten MAC Password

Is your Mac denying you access because you have forgotten the password for login? Are you freaking out fearing that your access to your files and resources is lost forever? If yes, then don’t worry. Here we are to help you to recover your access if you forgot Mac password. Get relaxed a bit and follow our recommendations to log into your Macbook or iMac successfully. There is no way anyone can deny you access to your system, even the system itself. Are you ready to reclaim your kingdom inside the Mac? Yes, you are! So, let’s regain what we have lost!

Methods For Reset Forgotten MAC Password:

Restart Your Computer:

Restart Your Computer

One of the best ways to recover your access when you forgot Mac password is to restart your computer. You can enter Recovery Mode through this method. Here are the steps to be followed for this method.

  • Press the Command + R keys on the keyboard simultaneously and wait for the grey screen to appear. Soon after the grey screen appears, you will find the Apple logo appearing on the screen.
  • You will find a small and sleek loading bar under the Apple logo. This will take your computer to the Recovery Mode.
  • Once you enter the Recovery Mode, you will have to click on utility tab appearing in the menu bar at the top. From the resulting menu, click on Terminal.
  • Inside the terminal, type “reset password”.
  • Click Enter.
  • Next, close the Terminal Window. You will find a Reset Password Utility at the back. Select the particular user account for which you need to reset the password. Enter the new password in the field or simply leave it blank.
  • Click on Save button.
  • Restart your computer from Apple menu. Use the new password to login.

Remove a Setup File to Reset Password

Reset Forgotten MAC Password

If the previous method does not work, you can get the help of a CD or a Boot Drive for resetting the password if you forgot Mac password. But you always don’t need a CD or DVD to have an installer of Mac OS X. A boot drive may also be not a need at all times. Here are the steps to get the work done through the removal of a setup file.

  • Hold down the Command and S keys simultaneously and restart the computer. This redirects you to Single User mode. The Terminal interface appears too.
  • Check your filesystem first. Type the following command in the Terminal.

fsck -fy

  • Mount your root drive as a writeable one so that changes can be saved. The following commands help in this regard.

mount -uw/

  • Next, the following command has to be written in the Terminal.

rm /var/db/.applesetupdone

  • Click on Enter key.

Next, you have to create a new user account.

  • Remove the applesetudone file. Type “reboot” and press Enter.
  • Next, we have to create a new user account after the System Boot. The work with the command line is over now.
  • You will come across the general GUI of Mac OS X. This will be the last leg of resetting a password.
  • Once the reboot happens, you will be faced with a traditional kind of “Welcome Wizard” screen. This is similar to the one that you get when a new Mac is launched.
  • Follow the steps in the Welcome Wizard screen, try to create a new user account. Keep the account name different from what it was in the earlier account. The new account is going to be the Administrator now and will have administrative privileges.

Reset MAC Forgotten Password

The Systems Preferences have to be used now.

  • Once the S X is booted successfully, click the Apple logo and click on System Preferences.
  • Click the Accounts option in the System Preferences.
  • A lock icon will appear in the bottom left corner of the Accounts preference window. Click on it and then enter the new user credentials. This helps to change other accounts too and reset the other user passwords.
  • In the user panel that appears on the left side, select that user account for which the password was forgotten.
  • Click the button labeled “Reset Password”.
  • Enter the new password as per your choice and enter a meaningful clue for it.
  • Close the window of System Preferences and reboot the system.
  • The new account will be accessible now using new credentials.

These two methods can help you to get back access to your accounts if you forgot Mac password.

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