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How to Setup and Use iCloud on Windows?

There are features in Mac OS X that seem to be reserved only for users of Apple products. The products inspire envy amongst the users of Windows PCs. And one of those applications has been iCloud. If you are a Windows user who has always wished to get iCloud on PC, then let us assure you that you are not the only one. The lovers of iCloud are way too many and there is good news for those ones who want iCloud for Windows. It is possible to get the iCloud facility on a Windows PC and the steps are

Redmi 5 Specs – Price Details in India and Features

The tech-savvy world is desperately waiting to know more about the next phone from Redmi. And we are sure you are also going gaga over it. There are too many searches daily about Redmi 5 specs, features and how to book. No wonder, Redmi 5 has excited people across the tech-savvy and mobile-loving world. There are various websites that are speaking aloud about what the new Redmi phone holds for all of us. Let us help you satiate your thirst for knowledge on the same. After all, when you are so interested to know about Redmi 5 specs, features and

Best Laptop For Programming 2018

Today, the technology has penetrated far into our lives. Bringing itself in very smallest of the electronic component, technology now surrounds us. It’s the perfect boost to our development. Since technology has been categorized into tonnes of different branches, there is the wide scope of development in it. There is the large number of resources available at hand. With the wide network of internet, the problem solving, implementation of newer improved methods, a collaboration of work and additional resources are just a click away! With all these amazing features, the field of technology turns out to be, one of the

Best Gaming Recording Software For Windows 2018

Gaming has become an inseparable part of our lives. Whether the game is as humble as minesweeper or extravagant like the Grand Theft Auto, gaming brings joy to the young and old alike. This is one sector which will never go out of fashion. With new games emerging every minute, more and more players are joining in the heist of the gaming world. Best Gaming Recording Software For PC:  With all this fuzz, it becomes a natural instinct to record our game to showcase and share our achievements with friends or to boast around other fellow players. Recording your gameplay
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5 Best Photo Background Changer Apps For Android & iOS

You have got the Candid Photo which is perfect for going to your Instagram or Facebook Account, but the only problem with the photo is that it has someone or something at the backdrop which you don’t want. The pictures which you take from your Android or iOS device are not always perfect it may have unwanted objects, people or things which you don’t want to share with others. So, to address your needs and create a new image with your device there are few amazing applications that can change or delete the background of the photos and enhance its