Everything You Need to Know About OnePlus 6

The entire tech community is going gaga over what promises does OnePlus 6 hold for us? People are scrambling over the web to find OnePlus 6 release date specs and features that will eventually enhance the entire excitement manifold. If you are also one of these people, then you have arrived at the right place at the right time. Let us help you explore all the amazing features that OnePlus 6 will bring along itself.

OnePlus 6 Release Date Price Specs and Features

It is not hard to understand that the entire tech world will be closely watching for this hour. Let’s not keep you more excited and let’s see what all we can expect in the new smartphone.

OnePlus 6 Release Date

The people getting desperate about OnePlus 6 release date specs and features would have certainly gone through the calendar and figured out a tentative date for release. No wonder the previous dates of launch would also have been checked. Going by that logic, the last year OnePlus 5 was unveiled on June 20th, 2017 and then released on June 27th, 2017. A similar roadmap for launch can be expected this year too for OnePlus 6. Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, has anyways confirmed the existence of the new model with CNet. It is not hard to believe then that the new model will be out soon.

OnePlus 6 Specs and Features

Specs and Features

One question that arises frequently is if OnePlus 6 release date specs and features can deal a severe blow to iPhone. The specs that are coming out on the web and the features that everyone is talking about makes OnePlus 6 a tough competition for iPhone. OnePlus 5T anyways boasted of an all-screen design on the front, which was a clear message to iPhone X and Galaxy S9. What surprises does the new phone hold for us?

OnePlus 6 Screen

The screen style can be expected to remain the same as the all-screen front style, but the resolution can get a lot better. We can expect a 1080 x 2160 px full HD resolution. All tech lovers, we are sure your eyebrows have been left raised in astonishment!

OnePlus 6 Release Date Price Specs and Features


One particular feature to look for in the OnePlus 6 release date specs and features is the performance that the phone will deliver. Pete Lau has confirmed already that the brand new phone will have Qualcomm’s finest processor, Snapdragon 845. This processor has already been predicted to be a part of many new phones this year, but it has not made its debut yet. Who knows OnePlus 6 may be the first phone to unleash the power of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845? The use f this chip is guaranteed to enhance the speed of the OnePlus smartphone by 25%. If compared to last year’s phone release by OnePlus, this is an amazing improvement and will assure the best performance you can ever imagine.

OnePlus 6 Display

The display can be expected to feature an aspect ratio of 19:9. Smartphones have usually been restricted to 18:9 aspect ratio or 16:9 screen. Having a 19:9 aspect ratio means the OnePlus 6 will have a longer screen. The bezel must be quite slim, like the one found in iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9.


One of the most actively researched aspects in OnePlus 6 release date specs and features is the price at which the phone will be sold. And you will be delighted to know that the pricing can be rock bottom. Currently, a OnePlus 5T costs around 449 Pounds, which is far cheaper than the Apple iPhone 8 at 699 Pounds and Samsung Galaxy S8 at 689 Pounds. Though the prices have been increasing steadily, the OnePlus phones are still the best steal. The price rise of the phones will be marginal, though some people believe that having a phone with such a powerful processor may increase the prices. If OnePlus 6 has to be projected as a premium offering to customers, then the price rise is justified too. One can expect OnePlus 6 to fall somewhere ranging from 449 Pounds to 499 Pounds. This is still competitive against the other heavy-weight rivals in the market.


There is a lot of buzz around OnePlus 6 release date specs and features. No wonder the Chinese phone manufacturer has swept the world off its feet by offering such amazing products at such low prices. The entire world is now hooked to find out the OnePlus 6 release date specs and features. As the time passes along, it will lead to greater clarity on what the grand phone has to offer. The features are going to be amazing, and the performance is certainly going to be unparalleled. Rest assured, if the prices remain lower than the other champions in the market from rival forms, OnePlus 6 will certainly be a huge hit in the market and can take many other heavy-weights heads on easily. Keep your fingers crossed!

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