Kickass Proxy 2018 – KAT Unblocked Mirror Sites and Proxies

Most of us would have gone through the phase when we wanted to get a hold of a movie for free but there was no one to help us, except Torrent. Torrent would have been instrumental in giving us loads of fun and entertainment whenever we did not feel like spending money on pieces of entertainment on our laptops. Torrent sites are undoubtedly some of the largest directories online that have a huge compilation of torrent files that give us magnetic links for games, software, books, movies, and music and TV shows. But with the recent government crackdown on the websites, following allegations of piracy, it has become crucial that we understand how the torrent websites can go for a toss one day or can change their domain names. Moreover, many ISP providers are blocking access to Torrent websites. In these times, you need to get hold of the proxies that can get you quick access to torrent files. This is where Kickass proxy comes to our rescue.

Kickass Proxy 2018

What is a Proxy Server?

Proxy, as a word, means something that takes place of another thing and does the work for the latter. The proxy server does almost something like the same. It takes place on the server that your ISP is using and replace it with another. Basically, if your government or ISP is blocking access to some website,

you can still access the website through another server. This sounds a bit complex, but, in fact, it is quite simple, especially using the Kickass proxy.

How does Kickass Proxy Server Work?

How does Kickass Proxy Server Work

The mode of operation of the Kickass proxy server or any other server is quite easy. Whenever you use a proxy server, like Kickass, your request for web pages goes to a proxy server instead of any other destination. This proxy server will help to mask the IP address belonging to you with another IP address. This helps to route you to the destination website. And there is no fear of getting blocked as you are using a new IP for accessing the website. This leaves you in a safe state and does not expose you while you download torrent files from over the web.

Proxies and Torrents

If you are wondering how proxies are used with Torrents files, then here is your basket of information. Many people prefer using the unblocked websites of the torrent as they are quicker and easier to give you the torrent files. The proxy websites are a bit slow. However, the torrent websites also create mirror websites and proxy sites in order to give a similar kind of experience like the original site. Therefore, if the ISP has even banned your access to the actual torrent site, the Kickass proxy site can ensure your access to the torrent files.

Kickass Proxy Server

A word of caution

Everyone out there is not benevolent. There are many proxy sites that your Kickass proxy will give access to but will turn out to be fake ones. You can even land up in a situation where malware attacks your computer and can trick you into spending money. Just be vigilant while using the Kickass proxy.

Kickass Torrent Proxy and Mirror Sites

The arrest of Artem Vaulin, the creator, and owner of the Kickass torrent, the official website of kickass torrent has closed down, but fans and employees of Kickass torrents have also made mirror sites and proxy sites ensuring people can still get access to torrent files. There are a lot of Kat mirror and proxy sites which you can use. Let us help you find a few.

  • co
  • ch
  • pw
  • cd
  • top
  • net

The list is quite long, but we have mentioned only a few. These ones are quite reliable and fast in their operation. However, Piratebay has a lot of people who have shifted from the rarbg site is also quite famous with people. Even extratorrent is going quite famous with people who love using proxy sites.

Kickass Proxy

So, the next time you want to get access to a website that can give you torrent files, but your ISP is meddling a bit too much, you know where to take refuge in. Just get the right proxy site from Kickass and get unobstructed access to your desired Torrent files.

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