iPhone X Face ID Not Working?

Various reports are coming in from the users of iPhone X that the Face ID is no longer working after they have upgraded to iOS 11.2. These harassed users troubled with iPhone X Face ID not working problem and are frantically looking for a solution to address this issue. If you have come to this article, there is no wonder that you must also be facing the same problem and we have the solution for you. Get ready for making your iPhone X work seamlessly once again as we give a fatal blow to the issues through our recommended steps.

Bug: iPhone X Face ID Not Working?

The problem with Face ID is not occurring on every iPhone X. Some people have successfully upgraded to iOS 11.2 from older versions of iOS. However, the victims are getting an alert saying ‘unable to activate Face ID on this phone’. This is causing problems with many people as they are unable to use the feature. With iPhone Face ID not working, some people are failing in the facial recognition system.

iphone x face id not working

How to Fix Face ID Problems with iPhone 10?

There are quick solutions to fix the bug. However, you have to ensure a few things before you go ahead to address the issue of iPhone X Face ID.

  • Make sure that no screen protector or case covers the TrueDepth camera. There should also be no dirt or residue on the camera.
  • Your eyes, mouth and nose must be completely visible to the TrueDepth camera.
  • Sunglasses are foes of facial recognition on Apple iPhone, and hence, you must avoid them since they block certain kinds of light.
  • The iPhone must be at arm’s distance or closer for Face ID to work correctly. Moreover, the phone must be in portrait orientation.
  • When travelling outside, the sun must not be behind you, as it can make your image turn into a silhouette.

DIY: Do It Yourself

Once the prerequisites are checked, it is time to try a few fixes. There are a couple of solutions for malfunction of Face ID. Let’s explore them one by one.

Turn off Face ID and Restart

Turning off the Face ID and restarting it helps to fix the problem effectively.

  • Go to device Settings.
  • Click on Face ID and Passcode
  • Click on Use Face ID
  • Disable the iPhone Unlock
  • Next, turn off the device by holding on to either of the volume buttons and dragging the slider. Restart the phone after this.
  • Go to device Settings again.
  • Click on Face ID and Passcode, then click on Use Face ID.
  • Click on Enable iPhone Unlock.

This must make the Face ID to work correctly on your phone going forward.

Reset the iPhone X Face ID

If the solution that was mentioned above does not work, then you need to go to your Face ID and reset it.

  • Go to device Settings
  • Click on Face ID and Passcode
  • Click on Reset Face ID.

These steps will delete all of the existing mathematical representations belonging to your face from your phone. You have to hard reset the iPhone X and set up the Face ID again. This is an effective means to solve the issue of iPhone X Face ID not working.

Reset iPhone 10 Settings

If your iPhone is still adamant at having the iPhone 10 Face ID not working, then you need to take some stern steps now. You have to reset the entire iPhone and restore it to factory default. It will clean up all data, passwords, bookmarks etc. However, media and data are left untouched. Go to Settings, then to General, next to Reset and last to Reset All Settings.

Update the iPhone 10 to New iOS version

If nothing is working for you till now, then your iPhone is indeed missing an update. Update your iPhone 10 to the latest version of iOS. Connect your iPhone to iTunes. Open iTunes, then select iPhone from top left menu and click on Restore iPhone.

These steps must be sufficient to get your iPhone X Face ID working and return you the best user experience. Get these steps handy if you ever face issues with Face ID. No wonder, iPhone is committed to give the best of knowledge to its customers, and a small bug must not tarnish the reputation. Follow the steps and make the iPhone X lively again.

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