The Ultimate Guide to Install TWRP and Root OnePlus 5

If you own a OnePlus smartphone, then this article is just for you. Do you know that no sooner than 20 hours after OnePlus 5 was released, XDA developers released on the website a recovery image that can be used along with SuperSU for rooting the device? Though the installation process is quite simple, it can get quite confusing for an amateur in rooting. So, for all the amateurs and even for the experts, we have come up with an ultimate guide on how to install TWRP and root OnePlus 5. This tutorial will certainly come handy for all those who are eager to root their OnePlus 5 smartphone. So, let’s see what the procedure is.

Prerequisites To Install TWRP and Root OnePlus 5

Install TWRP

  • Windows, Linux or MacOS operating system computer
  • USB data cable
  • Fastboot and ADB installed
  • OnePlus 5 smartphone
  • Developer Options to be enabled

Step 1: OEM Unlocking to be enabled and Bootloader Mode to be reloaded 


  • The first step to install TWRP and root OnePlus 5 is to enable the Developer Options. Go to Settings and enable OEM Unlocking option too. Your phone is now ready to be booted in bootloader mode.
  • Next, turn off the device completely. Now, try turning your phone on by pressing the volume button and power button for around 10 seconds. Bootloader menu will appear. Do remember to leave the phone in the bootloader menu as soon as it appears.
  • The next step is to unlock the bootloader. If this step gets missed, the entire system partition will be locked out.

Step 2: Unlock the Bootloader 


Unlocking bootloader is one crucial aspect to be handled with care to install TWRP and root OnePlus 5.

  • After having your phone on the bootloader mode, connect it to your computer using a USB data cable.
  • Launch the Command Prompt window in Windows, or Terminal in Mac.
  • Change the directories to a platforms-tools folder which is inside the ADB and Fastboot installation directory. Try the following command:

“cd <location of folder>”

  • The <location of folder> corresponds to the complete directory path.
  • On Windows, you can find this directory at the following location:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools”

  • The location of the platform tools can vary according to the location where you had extracted ADB folder during utility installation. A search on your hard drive may be required.
  • Once you are present in the correct directory, simply write this command.

fastboot flashing unlock

  • Once you type and enter the command, you will get a confirmation message on the phone. Use volume keys to select a “Yes”. A hit on the power key will unlock the bootloader.

Caution: The data on your phone will be wiped off.

Setup your device once again. The Developer Options has to be enabled along with USB Debugging.

Step 3: Flash TWRP 

Flash TwRP

  • Once the USB Debugging has been reenabled, download the TWRP’s latest version for OnePlus 5. can help you to download, install TWRP and root OnePlus 5.
  • Now turn off your phone again and restart it in the bootloader mode again.
  • Type the following command on the Terminal window or Command Prompt window.

fastboot flash recovery

  • Open the folder where you had downloaded the TWRP. Drag the IMG file into terminal window or command prompt window. This populates the file name and will also fill the location name automatically. If you see the entire download path to be visible, then hit enter and see the flashing getting completed.

Step 4: Use SuperSU and reboot TWRP and root 


  • Be extra careful while doing this step as it is the most crucial step in the entire process.
  • Download SuperSU for your OnePlus phone from
  • Use the volume rockers on your phone for selecting the Recovery Mode. Pressing the power button confirms your action. Your phone will be booted into the recovery mode, which is essentially TWRP now.
  • A screen will appear asking your confirmation to enable the system modifications. Just swipe the bar at the bottom to allow it.
  • Go to Terminal or Command Prompt and type the following command.

adb sideload

  • Add a space to the end and don’t press Enter. Drag the SuperSU zipped file into the Terminal window in order to populate the download path location.
  • On TWRP’s main screen, click on Advanced and then ADB Sideload. Simply swipe the bar to start the sideloading process.
  • Hit Enter to send the SuperSU zipped file to the phone.
  • Once the installation is complete, a “Done” message will be displayed. Click on Reboot System for rebooting with root access.

Step 5: Verify the root 

Root Oneplus

  • Once the reboot completes, the SuperSU will be installed and all the stack apps that were on your phone earlier will stay intact.
  • Launch SuperSU app, and if you don’t see the message “SU binary not installed”, then your phone is successfully rooted.

Go ahead to install the root applications of your choice. It is a bit complex, but fun to install TWRP and root OnePlus 5.

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