How to Get iMessage on Windows 10 Computer

iMessage is one of those applications in Mac OS that have captured the minds of people as it is quite seamless and gives a beautiful user experience to people. There are many people who miss iMessage on Windows since the application is reserved for Mac systems. And if you are one of those people waiting for iMessage on Windows 10, then you may be disappointed initially as finding a solution can get a bit problematic.

How to Get iMessage on Windows 10 Computer

But since you have already landed on the page, your search for a perfect solution is going to end soon. Let us help you get iMessage on Windows 10.

No Legal Way Exists

There is no legal way of getting iMessage for Windows 10 laptops. It is better if you remember this. Moreover, you will need a jailbroken iPhone for this purpose. You just cannot get iMessages without Cydia and the accompanying packages since Apple sells the entire ecosystem. Search for jailbroken iPhone in the web will result in at most iOS 8.1.2. In case your iPhone is above that, then you will have to wait for the next version of jailbreak.

Install the Remote Messages

iMessage, when running from the web browser, is dependent on a Cydia tweak, which is named Remote Messages. You have to shell out around $4 for this application. This tweak comes along with DRM DRM disables all remote messages in case they are received from any unofficial repo, instead of BiggBoss repo. The trial pirates need to be cautious.

The setup and use of Remote Usage are very easy. Follow the steps given below to get the setup done.

  • Purchase the tweak from Cydia.
  • You will then have to download and install the application. Open Settings app following this.
  • Make sure that the server is always turned on under the Messages tab.
  • We would recommend you to change the default password for the security reasons. Try putting a very secure password.
  • Next, you will have to log on. Open the most productive web browser present on your system and enter the IP address under “Current IP”. Just right after the IP address, add a colon and put the port number of the server. So, if you server port is said 777, and server IP is, then you need to type in the following.

Layouts and Views

You can get access to a lot of view styles and layouts, but most of them are not too appealing to the eyes. You will have to live with it as a price for getting iMessage on Windows 10. You can try the above steps even on a wired connection. It works only for Windows and OS X.

  • Download the application “itunnel-mux”. You have to extract the zipped file on Windows 10, then right-click on itunnel-mux.exe. Click on “Create Shortcut”. Do a right-click on the shortcut and click on Properties. At the end of the target field, type the following.


  • ABC is the port number. Visiting the full address explained above, you will be able to see the messages.
  • Next, go to Terminal and type in “cd”. Drag the extracted folder and enter the following.


  • Visit the given address as explained above in your web browser and you will be able to see the messages.

In case, messages application is losing connection time and again, this is because of the poor Wi-Fi connection. This can be addressed by having a good Wi-Fi connection, or by having Insomnia or Awake installed in your system. In case you want to get the appeal and feel of a native app, then you can try Fluid, or Synthese in order to make a wrapper app to mimic the native messaging app.

Getting iOS Notifications

Getting iOS notifications is not a big deal on any platform. You can use Pushbullet, which is a great cross-platform tool for notifications. You can easily get Pushbullet installed on your system and your notifications will get mirrored with minimum troubles.

It is easy to get iMessage on Windows 10 by following the steps that we have recommended here. You are now free to enjoy the features of one of the best messaging apps on your Windows 10 system and flaunt it before your friends too.

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