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JioGigaTV Setup box Booking Online : Price

JioGigaTV is a product of Reliance Jio. On July 5th, 2018, at its 41st Annual General Meeting has released two of it is most talked about products, that are Jio GigaFiber and the upgraded version of JioPhone 2. This event also uncovered the first look of Jio GigaTV set-top box.  The Jio GigaFiber is an ultimate achievement for those who have been wanting to see their favorite TV shows and movies in high definition and resolution.  JioGigaTv online Booking : Price & Details To unveil few of the prominent features of JioGiga TV, have a look at the following section. 
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How to Bypass iCloud Activation?

Are you unable to use your iPhone because its iCloud is locked? Or you bought a used iPhone, and upon starting it, you got a notification saying ‘Enter your iCloud login details including the Apple ID and password.’? Well, undoubtedly, it seems like you need to put on the Login details in order to use it again. But what if you misremembered your Apple ID or the original owner of the device is inaccessible? Do you want to get rid of this bothering issue? If yes, continue with us, and you’ll end up bypassing your iCloud activation with no-hassle. Here in
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Belkin Router Login to Modify Wi-Fi Settings

Login to Belkin Router: The Internet has changed the way we live in this world. From shopping online to interacting with our loved ones, the internet has made everything more convenient and accessible with just a single click. In order to access the internet, one might need data connection of a mobile carrier or Wi-Fi through a routing device like Belkin Router. And among of all the most preferable one is the Wi-Fi. As we already know that mobile data cannot simply replace the Wi-Fi essentiality in almost every aspect. In order to use Wi-Fi the most important element is the
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How To Login to iCloud on iPhone/Windows?

Are you getting failed attempts while trying to login into iCloud account? Did the official iCloud login page is showing error like invalid email or password? Here are the right solutions for you. As the time passes, we see a simultaneous change in the technological aspects of the world we live in. There are tremendous changes which take place in the way we use technology. One of the significant advancement took place in the way we use digital storage. Cloud Computing has revolutionized the storage scenario in the present times. When we think about cloud, we generally relate it to
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Fix the Fingerprint Not Working on MI & Xiaomi Mobiles

Almost everyone has a smartphone today, it is sort of necessary in the fast lane with the technology as well as the people updating. It would be pretty absurd not to have a smartphone in the digital age when everyone is competent. One thing that is common with phones are Fingerprints, they are used to unlock the phones with just a touch of the finger using scanning and biometrics. But, there are certain problems involved with the fingerprint and we are going to look at how to fix them for the Xiaomi Redmi and the Mi phones now! Setting up
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How to Setup and Use iCloud on Windows?

There are features in Mac OS X that seem to be reserved only for users of Apple products. The products inspire envy amongst the users of Windows PCs. And one of those applications has been iCloud. If you are a Windows user who has always wished to get iCloud on PC, then let us assure you that you are not the only one. The lovers of iCloud are way too many and there is good news for those ones who want iCloud for Windows. It is possible to get the iCloud facility on a Windows PC and the steps are
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Norton Setup | How To Install Norton Antivirus on Windows

Today, with huge advancements in the technology, the world has become largely dependent on it. In almost every little organization, individual enterprise, the smallest unit of automation, technology has enhanced the process. Amazing development, excellent speed, and inexplicable accuracy have made it imperative for technology to be used largely. We have found tremendous uses of technology and implemented it across a lot of our work. With the large integration of technology in every little function of life, there is a huge threat as well. The rate of cyber-crimes has risen in a worrisome manner. The main form of cyber-attack is
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How To Connect A PS4 Controller on PC

Pair the controller to the PC. It doesn’t have to be paired with every use. Once will suffice. Now you can use your controller wirelessly.Any avid gamer would tell you that PC games offer better experience if they are coupled with the right controller. No matter how simple the game’s controls are, the usage of keyboard and mouse of the PC for controlling can be quite difficult. Even if you are well-versed in gaming this way, you will not get a satisfactory experience. Keyboard keys and mouse buttons are not adequate to match with the dynamics of any game. How
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How to Uninstall Software Apps on Mac OS Computer

Have you been scratching your head of late just because you failed ta deleting a software from Mac? At times, it becomes difficult to uninstall an application from Mac. However, if you have been searching for a perfect answer to how to uninstall software apps on Mac, then you have arrived at the right place. You can leverage the uninstaller software or even the trash bin for that purpose. How to Uninstall Software Apps on Mac It is a misconception that software cannot be deleted from Mac systems. And the methods are not limited to only two options mentioned above.
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How to Make Google My Homepage?

Tired of opening your web browser and finding a new search engine page every single time? This is an issue faced by every single web user at one point or another. It is frustrating to then type in ‘google’ in the search tab, and then open the Google homepage. Most users prefer to have Google as their search engine because of the vast collection of data, the accuracy of data relating to the search keywords and of course the processing speed. Google has become so popular that the term ‘google’ has become a verb to denote the action of searching