How to Link Aadhaar Card With Bank Account?

With every generation, there’s change and newness that we’re constantly prone to or exposed rather. In the recent years, that change has been Aadhaar, whereas just a while ago, it seemed to be the obsession with bank accounts that made most of us survive, from detailed educational loans to the most rigorous of schemes, it was an endless bounty of opportunity that we somehow always dreamed to grasp. 

How to Link Aadhaar Card With Bank Account

Now, that dream has changed to Aadhaar with the previous dream, linking the Aadhaar to the bank account, from the former to the latter, we are going to see how to link the Aadhaar card with the bank account.

What is the Aadhaar card?

  • Aadhar card is a new scheme that recently came into existence, putting pressure on us for the purpose it serves. A scheme that has been made mandatory by the government’s orders, assures us of our reliance and everyday processes that we pursue.

What is Aadhar

  • It is a scheme which provides a unique identification for each and every Indian to provide the government with all the private information that we currently have.
  • One of the most debatable and arguable topics, Aadhar has been the talk till now for the pros and cons that it has and what it could devoid of currently.
  • The pros are very admirable, from security to corruption-less processes as everything is linked together to form a network which is again monitored by the government so as to protect everything from theft.
  • The cons are admirable in a devastating way as well, with so much information that is given to them, the government could possibly take things into their own hands without any assurance to us. In a case where there is too much rivalry, one could have easy access to the information and we could be exposed almost immediately for even a crime that we have never committed as well.
  • The other factor is the security issue as well, the irony being that the purpose of the Aadhaar was to provide security but the cons being security as well because if it falls into the wrong hands, there is a lot of personal information that we can never escape from.
  • But, in the end, the scheme is to provide identification for every purpose that has been made so far, linking everything to everything, creating a network that can be easily monitored, and in this case, we are going to see how to link the Aadhaar card with the bank account.


The Process of linking the Aadhaar card to the Bank Account:

  • Getting down to business, there are two main ways that one could possibly link the Aadhaar card to the bank account and it is either through the online method or the offline method.
  • Personally, in my opinion, the online method is more efficient as it tends to be more efficient and quicker than the offline method as most offline methods require you to wait for the process to initiate and get through to the bank itself.
  • The online method is by simply going to the bank’s web portal and logging in with your credentials. Once that has been done, you need to upload the details of the Aadhaar card to the web portal and wait till the form has been submitted for approval which won’t much time.

Bank Account Link to Aadhaar

  • The offline method is to first receive a form from the bank and filing in the information of your Aadhaar similar to the online method. Once the form has been filled, you would need to submit the form to the bank waiting for their approval. The offline method is recommended only if there is a problem with the online account as the offline method is slow and non-updatable.
  • Hence, in the case of a problem with the form, the form has to be submitted again and the process would only take longer than expected.
  • Once, the Aadhaar has been linked to the bank account, you can do almost any transaction or process without any fear as the bank accounts are constantly being monitored for fraud and any other illegal activity.

Insights on Aadhaar and Bank Accounts:

The true objective being protection has lasted its test of time, the Aadhaar being of ultimate service to the bank account as well, protecting all your sensitive content and exposing them in a way which is unaffected by you. In the end, one only has to worry about any illegitimate activity that they may perform or come under as the Aadhaar eliminates all such fraud as they have the unique identification of each and every individual which is highly difficult to fake. Hence, the whole due process can completely be trusted and banked upon- no pun intended!

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