How to Fix iPhone Touch ID Not Working on iOS 11

iPhones have becomes a quintessential component in people’s lives now. It has been trademarked and sold to the maximum extent one could ever think of, leading to a global new age of the product. But like all great things, they do have drawbacks even if they’re at the pinnacle of their reach, and in the case of iPhones, we’re going to look at why the touch id doesn’t work at times, the reasons, the causes and how one can prevent that from happening.touch id not working

Setting up the Touch ID:

  • Before we even get started on the problem, the first step is to ensure that you have a touch id that is in existence or you can create one by going to the settings.

  • Make sure that you create a touch id with the finger you use the most, most people prefer using the thumb, but other fingers can also be used according to your convenience.

  • The benefit of the touch id is that you can also store multiple touch ids, basically meaning that you can have touch ids for more than one finger, for instance, say the thumb and the index finger.

  • Also, setting up multiple touch ids is safer as well as it acts as a backup if the prominent finger that one uses to open their phone doesn’t work. Hence this way, they have more of a chance to unlock their phone as they have one or more touch ids!

Reasons why the Touch ID doesn’t Work:

  • One of the most common mistakes in setting up a touch id is setting it up without monitoring the fingers. No one checks their fingers before setting up and they fail to realize that this has a great impact on how we use it every day.

  • For instance, if one is setting up the id when after some sort of physical work is done, the dust from the work will be implied on the touch id and in future cases, it might not open.

  • The other common reason is almost inevitable, it is the process wherein dust is formed naturally on the phone’s surface leading to the touch id not accepting it or recognizing it. 

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Prevention Techniques to follow for Working of the Touch ID:

  • The first and foremost technique is to make sure that one has proper hygiene before even setting up the touch id. Hygiene, in this case, with your fingers, matter most because the touch id would ultimately recognize only the pattern formations on your hand at the moment, hence it would not recognize it later when one tries to open it.

  • The other simple technique is to make sure that the phone is well maintained, as the phones which are not well maintained generally have a lot of dust on them and on the home button as well causing interruptions with the touch id hence the touch id would not open when one tries to unlock it.

  • If the problem occurs after a while since the touch id has been set up, try cleaning your hands (a light bristle would do) and try again, this would work most of the time and if it still doesn’t work, try the same with the phone by just brushing off any dust on the home button.

Insights on Touch ID:

All of the above-mentioned points, if taken note of properly, would ensure proper working of the touch id but if the problem persists, the best option would be to get it checked at the nearby store as a problem such as this is never that persistent. The occurrences of this problem are also not patterned, in the sense that they occur almost instantaneously meaning the duration since the setting up of the touch id can purely be random and can occur a week or an hour after setting up. The one important thing to remember, however, is to make sure that maintenance of the phone and hygiene of oneself is proper, without it, there is bound to be problems.

Note: The other simple tip is not to give the phone too much pressure, factors such as usage, battery storage, and others take into consideration of how well the phone functions and proves crucial in the end.

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