Best Fitness Tracker Apps to Track Your Workouts

Technological advances have made humans lazy. You get food delivered with the touch of a few buttons. The lawn gets watered with an automatic sprinkler system. Huge acres of farms are harvested in a single day with the help of huge harvesting machines. All this has helped make life easier but also reduced physical activity. This leads to an increase in cardiovascular diseases and other myriad forms of health issues. It becomes ironic when it is technology comes to save us from this problem. In this case, it is fitness tracker apps on our mobile which can motivate us into becoming fitter versions of ourselves.

Fitness tracker apps are apps that collect data about our physical activity and present them in a form that is easier to comprehend. Along with collecting data, they also send daily motivational messages to ensure we stick to our goals. They are useful for people who cannot go to the gym due to their changing schedules or for people who prefer to do it on their own.

List of Best Fitness Tracker Apps:

Below are a few of the best Fitness Tracker apps that are largely popular and extremely useful

1. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

This is a free app created by Nike. This app provides all the inputs that a trainer would provide if you would have joined the gym. It boasts of more than 160 free workouts available. All workouts are conveniently divided according to the type of muscle being targeted, specialized workouts. In case of unfamiliar exercises, there are videos with instructions by Nike trainers. Nike Training Club also provides personalized workout programs. After every workout that has been completed, recommendations are provided according to the history of workout available. The workout sessions are longer than that of other apps. The user may require gym equipment like dumbbells, Exercise balls, mats according to the type of exercise. This app is also completely free with no ads which make it one of the best fitness Tracker Apps

2. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

30 Day Fitness Challenge

As the name suggests, this fitness tracker allows you to pick up any challenge and stick to it for 30 days straight. The challenges have different levels according to the level of endurance you are comfortable with. Beginners may start with Easy Plan while advanced users may start with Hard Plan.

The challenges are divided into 5 categories – Abs workout, Full Body Workout, Leg workout, Butt workout, and Arms Workout. You can track your progress in the calendar page where you have your physiology data input. Instructions are available in the instructions section. They are also available in the challenge after the user starts the workout.

3. Sworkit


Sworkit is one of the easiest fitness workout apps. It has 4 categories to choose from – Strength training, Cardio exercise, Yoga and Stretching. Each category has different subsections which can be selected according to the area of the body that the user wants to focus on. One can select any time duration and begin the workout. Videos are available of each workout. Voice guidance is provided for easy usage along with breaks between every workout.

At the end of each workout session, the calories burnt is displayed. Premium members have the option of more categories other than the four mentioned above. It also has a unique section called Pokemon training which is open for premium users only. Sworkit also has an app called Sworkit kids which is aimed at the younger demographic who are looking to be fit. They have workouts designed especially for young kids.

4. Google Fit

Google Fit

The fit is a fitness tracker app developed by Google. It is one of the most popular choices used by fitness enthusiasts all over the world. It tracks your location to save workouts like runs or bike rides. A user can choose to create as many goals as desired. There are many goals to choose from. The options range from wheelchair-based exercise to Skiing along with traditional exercises like strength training, walking. Aerobics, etc

Google Fit is compatible with many fitness tracker devices like Xiaomi Mi Band, Nike. The data can be checked using the app or it can also be accessed from Wear OS by Google watch. You can also choose your goals based on the number of calories you want to burn or the distance you wish to cover.

5. Up – Smart Coach for Health

Up – Smart Coach for Health

Up is one of the best Fitness Tracker app for all the right reasons. This app records data using your smartphone device. Instead of starting everyone with a generalized goal, Up provides users with personalized goals according to the endurance level the user is comfortable with. Once the goal is set, UP sends either motivational messages to complete the goal on a case where the user is lagging or a congratulatory message if the user has completed the goal.

If one uses the UP band like UP3, UP4, etc UP app will also track sleep pattern. It also has a section where the user can track his diet goals. This is an extra feature that is usually missing in most of the Fitness Apps. In this section, the user can log his or her meals and track his progress. Up is a great app for fitness enthusiasts but it requires a phone which has motion detection sensors or up devices. The above was a comprehensive list of some of the best Fitness Tracker apps available online. While there may be questions if they are accurately reading data.

If we look at the overall output of the app, there may be small discrepancies in the real value and the reading recorded by the device. Moreover, most of them work on all types of devices so the reading may differ according to the phone in use. Despite this, Fitness Tracker Apps are still very popular because of the clear physical changes that the user sees in his physique, increase in energy levels and an overall feeling of well-being. Accurate or not, Fitness Tracker apps are here to stay.

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