How To Download Sreen Recorder Pro APK?

SCR Pro APK: This post is about SCR Pro or Screen Recorder Pro APK, and here I’m going to discuss all the details and giving you the download link of it. Download the official SCR Pro APK file from here. Although the name Screen Recorder Pro seems like a premium app and you might be thinking that one has to buy it, but, the twist is, the app is freely available now. Yes! You heard it right. You can download SCR Pro APK file from here for free.

Earlier, it was available on Google play store. But, due to some policy issues, Google has removed it from play store. So, You need to get it from outside. But, you don’t worry, we will get it for you and will discuss it in the later part of the post. But, now, let’s talk about SCR Pro or Sound Recorder Pro APK.

Screen Recorder Pro APK

Screen Recorder Pro App is one of the best Android apps which will let you record anything like movie clips, or some part of a game or anything like you want to record so that you can show them to others. While playing a game or watching a movie or video, you might be desired to share some part of it with your friends or anyone you want, so, in that case, such screen recorder apps are beneficial.

Download Screen Recorder Pro APK

If you are a gamer, might be playing a popular strategic game like ‘clash of clans’ or ‘clash of kings’ or any game on your smartphones. And if you wanted to share your best attacks on the clash of clans game with your friends who are in other clans or wanted to upload on your YouTube channel, so you can use SCR Screen Recorder Pro app for this purpose.

Screen Recording with SCR Pro APK is very much comfortable and there is no time limit for the recording. Records much length of videos you want. Moreover, it is entirely Ad free which is excellent. Such type of apps will show advertisements which are very irritating to handle. But, here in Screen Recorder Pro app, no Ads will be there. Almost every version of Android from as little as 2.0 to latest 6.0.1 Marshmallow, it supports all the versions. Another exciting part is, the developers launched the 1st edition of the app back in 2013 and from that, it gets regularly updated. And each update brings out a lot more new and unusual features. Here, we will discuss all the fantastic features of SCR Pro APK.

Note: However, to get the app on your Android device, it needs to root first. SCR Screen Recorder app will only work on rooted or jailbreak devices. And for rooting, we will suggest you use ‘Towelroot APK’ which is considered among the best-rooted apps for Android devices.

Unique Features of SCR Pro APK

System Audio: It is one of the unique features of SCR Pro app. With System Audio, you can directly record audio of game or any other video with recording with microphone, i.e., (Internal + Mic). The quality will be same as earlier. There will be no distortion. So, if you would like to create your commentary with the game recording, then also you can add it quickly, and quality of the video and audio will remain same. However, Android version 4.2 users right now can’t enjoy this feature on their smartphone. But, the developers said it would be added soon.

Face CAM: With Face CAM, you can add your emotions through the front-facing camera of your phone and share it with all of your friends. Moreover, it will give you the option to move the camera overlay, and other relevant details will not get obstructed anymore.

Ads Free: We know that most of the free Android applications come with displaying advertisement features which is very much annoying and irritating too. But, SCR Screen Recorder Pro is ads free. Also, the developers said that donation supports the app, so, if you want to help their work, you can make a small donation of $5.

A lot of Setting Options: SCR Pro app supports settings of many options. If you prefer simple preset setting or if you want to tweak then also you can do it manually. Moreover, it provides many customisation options and shows you stability and performance stats.

For latest and new updates of SCR Pro APK, you can join SCR Alpha Community on Google+, or you can visit this web page. We also provide you update whenever a new version will releases.

Download SCR Screen Recorder Pro APK

As the APK file is not available on Google Play store, we are giving you an external link to download the SCR Pro APK file. This APK file needed a rooted phone. Otherwise, it will not install. Click below on the download link, to download the SCR Screen Recorder APK file.

From this website, you will get the latest and updated Screen Recorder Pro APK file.

How to Install SCR Pro APK

1. Before installing the APK file of SCR Pro, you need to enable ‘unknown sources’ option on your Android phone. So, to enable it, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

2. Now, Download the APK file from the given link and save it to the SD card.

3. Now, go to the SD card and tap on the APK file. A set of instructions will appear on your screen. Follow it and click next.

4. Finally, you will see the ‘Install’ button. Tap on it and wait for few times until the installation process gets completed.

That’s all you need to do. Now, run the SCR Screen Recorder Pro app and enjoy all the features.

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