How To Download Prisma APK?

Get Prisma APK: Prisma, a photo editing free mobile app which supports on both the Android and iOS platform. Alexey Moiseenkov created it and launched in June 2016. This app became popular right after few weeks of its release and got over one million users. It became one of leading apps in App Store of Apple. At first, Prisma app was available only on Apple App Store later on it was developed for Androids too and now it’s available in Google Play store. This app transforms your image into artwork using the styles of famous artists Picasso, Munk, and even the features of great ornaments and patterns are also available on this app.

You can modify your photo and share it with your friends on social networking sites. Your ordinary picture will look like the artwork of some famous artists; this app will make your pictures look extraordinary. To know more about this app you can go through this article. We have given you all the information about this app in this article making your way more comfortable. Below are the features, work of Prisma, how to edit and share a photo. So go through our article to get the precise information about Prisma APK.

Download Prisma APK

Features of Prisma APK

  • You can click a picture or selfie using this app and modify the image according to your taste.
  • You can change the effect of the picture by choosing all the effects available on this app and give your simple image an artistic touch.
    Your picture from your gallery can also be modified.
  • The app provides you with more than 35 different filters and will be added more in the coming up gradation.

Work of Prisma APK

The Prisma app recreates the image by going through various layers without inserting a layer over the picture. This app transforms all your photos into an artwork using styles of different famous artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, Levitan, etc. it is the work of Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence which helps you design your picture by giving it a different look. The artwork of this app is different from rest of the photo editing apps. Because in rest of the photo editing apps the image has been modified by inserting the layer over the picture which shows nothing much different than the original but just the light effect is changed. Prisma APK works on a different algorithm from rest of the photo editing apps. It has more than 35+ effects you can select any of this effects. You can also save the original photos this app provides you with the option to keep the original photos.

How To Edit a Photo Using Prisma App?

Step 1: Select the photo you want to edit from your gallery.

Step 2: You will be given a choice to crop the photo or rotate it as you wish.

Step 3: Click “Next” when you have completed cropping or rotating the photo.

Step 4: Next, you will be given options to filter your photo which is the final task.

Step 5: The screen will split into two halves; the top half will display your photo preview, and the bottom half will show filters and share buttons.

Step 6: You can increase or decrease the effect of the filter by sliding your finger across the photo preview.

How To Share the Edited Photos?

You can upload the edited photos in any of the social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. and you can also send it to your friends using messengers and all other messaging apps. You can use the edited image as your profile picture on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. anywhere.

How To Get Rid of Prisma Watermark?

All photos of Prisma artwork has watermark by default at the corner you can remove it by changing the settings on Prisma App. Go to Settings then toggle the ’Enable watermarks’ option if it is turned on.

How To Download Prisma APK?

Method 1: Downloading of this app is very simple earlier it was available for iOS devices only. So the users of iOS could download this app quickly from its Apple App Store but was a drawback for the Android users as it was not available for the Android devices. Fortunately, after few weeks Prisma Lab developed the app for the Androids too.

And now it’s available in Google Play store too.

So you can go directly to your Play Store and look for the app when you find it just click on it, after that you will see the ‘Install’ option, click on it to start installing, the installation may take few minutes depending on the signal strength. After the installation is completed, it is ready to be used. So click on the app on your device to modify your picture to experience the innovation and new artwork.

Method 2: You can follow an alternative procedure to install the app which may take a little longer time. So here are the actions for downloading the app. Go to the internet browser and type ‘Prisma APK download’ on the search bar. You will find any sites but don’t panic you can choose any of the sites to get this app on your device. Next, you have to do is click on any of the sites to open the page, after that, you will find Prisma APK download option click on it to start downloading. So that’s how you can download the app on your device, no much complications you can download and install this app easily on your device and enjoy the original feature. And this app is entirely free of cost the only thing you need for installing it in your device is internet connectivity.

Earlier this Prisma app was available only for iOS but now it is available for Android and guess what Prisma app version is soon going to be available for Windows phone.

You can give your ordinary picture an extraordinary look just by a little effort. You need not pay for it because this app doesn’t require you to spend even a penny. You can download this Prisma APK app by following the steps given in this article. We have made your way much easier by providing you with the procedure and features of this app. So go through our article to know about this app.

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