BlueStacks Download For Windows PC & MAC

Are you the kind of person who cannot live without your phone? WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Mail and games, all your favorite pastimes are inbuilt on your phone as apps. So what if you want to access those same apps from your Laptop or your PC. Seems impossible? Well, nothing is impossible. BlueStacks is an android emulator software that allows you to do exactly the same. With this software installed, you can use all the apps on your phones through your PC or laptop. It is like having a mini version of your phone inside your computer.

BlueStacks Download For Windows and Mac OS:

BlueStacks Download For Windows

The software is adjusted to enable you to replace the touch and swipe features in your mobile, with your keyboard and mouse. Apart from using your favorite apps, BlueStacks also helps you to transfer files from the Phone to the PC in a quicker and easier way. Already excited to play your favorite Android games on your PC? Well, we are almost there. BlueStacks download for Windows and Mac is completely free.

How To Download BlueStacks for Windows and Mac OS:

Here we are going to discuss the steps involved in BlueStacks download and their installation procedures.

Step 1: Go to There are several other online websites that offer the free download of this software. But this is the official and reliable one. So, do use this website.

Step 2: In the website, you will find ‘Download’ buttons for Windows and Mac separately. Based on your operating system and its version, click the relevant download button.

Step 3: This will start the download of the BlueStacks .exe file. Keep tabs on the download bar. If you are not able to find where the file was saved, it will be available under ‘Show all my downloads’ option. The BlueStacks folder will automatically be created in the drive of your PC. Now open this file and run it.

Step 4: After this, the ‘Installing BlueStacks’ dialog box will open on the screen. Click the ‘Continue’ button. In the next dialog box that appears, click ‘Install’ and wait for the installation to complete. This might take quite some time especially if your internet connection is slow.

Step 5: After installation is complete, the BlueStacks shortcut will automatically be created on your PC’s desktop. Just open it to use. But the entire process is not done yet. You still need to set up the software.

Step 6: You will find that the BlueStacks has several inbuilt apps on its homepage. First, to set this up, you will have to link your google account to this. Go to Settings > Manage accounts > Add account > Google > Next (You can also sync other corporate accounts. Just make sure that your phone is also linked to the same account. This is not the only way of syncing your phone to your PC, but it definitely is the easiest and quickest.)

Step 7: You can login with your existing Google account or create a new one if you do not have any. Use your username and password to sign in. Now the syncing process will start. It will take some time to link your account with BlueStacks software. When the process is done, click finish.

Step 8: Go back to the BlueStacks home screen. You will find a button ‘Click sync setup’. Click it. A popup opens and asks if you want to sync apps from your app player. Click ‘Proceed’.

Step 9: Now again a dialog box will ask you to sign into your account. Now sign in with the synced account and your phone’s account will automatically be synced to your BlueStacks. With this, the setting and configuration of BlueStacks are done.

Step 10: Many applications are already pre-installed in BlueStacks. But you can also download other specific applications. Now to download applications, click on the search button in the BlueStacks home page. Search for the applications which you need to transfer and install them. Now you are ready to use your favorite app on your PC.

How To Download BlueStacks for Windows and Mac OS

Following these 10 simple steps, one can complete BlueStacks download for Windows and Mac OS, to share your opinion on this article and other SpikeGeek content, visit our Facebook page.

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