Best Bluetooth Speakers under $100

We live in an age where partying has become a very common concept. People do want to take out some time from their busy schedule and get on with some thrilling experience or chilling out there mood while partying around. It was a decade back when people did not indulge too much into such a social gathering but soon after the world came a bit closer through trade and other factors; people eventually developed some sort of social habits and started getting around together for fun. Soon things changed dramatically and when we talk about current scenarios people love coming along together and partying hard. Loud music became a source of entertainment and at people, gathering it became a mandatory act to set up for a music space. As time passed, away there were different ways through which people started listening to music and it eventually became a source of getting oneself relaxed or excited at the same time.

Best Bluetooth Speakers under $100

Thus there were different modes developed through which people could listen to music. Hence came different varieties of instruments in a market, which helped people to fulfill their love to listen to music. As the demand increased, a lot of technology was introduced to give it a push. Hence came some technology which was to change the way of living forever, it was the creation which came out through music or due to other reasons but Bluetooth bought a revolution.

Best Bluetooth Speakers – What is Bluetooth?


It is a wireless technology, which is very helpful for people to exchange their data over short distances from one device to other. It was invented by Ericsson in 1994 and is conceived as a wireless alternative. A Bluetooth SIG (special interest group) manages it. It is actually a 30k member company, which expertise in the field of telecommunication, consumer electronics, computing, networking etc. the short link technology, which was later known as Bluetooth was actually initiated by Nils rydbeck in 1989.

Who knew that this technology would be wonderful and would, later on, assist billions of people? As the Bluetooth technology took over the market, no of devices were created which were now Bluetooth enabled and people now could easily transfer data from one device to other. The market was now flooded with many interesting devices and one such device was Bluetooth speakers. Which also took the market over the market very quickly and we could surely link this with the passion for music people have.

Features of Bluetooth speakers:

Bluetooth speakers

It could be termed as a form of a loudspeaker, which receives a signal through radio frequency waves, instead of receiving it through audio cables. These speakers consist of two units- one is the main speaker, which is combined with a loudspeaker and an RF receiver, and a second unit of the RF transmitter. What transmitter do is to connect with an output device that might be a television, computer or maybe an mp3 player. Moreover, a receiver is positioned where a listener wants a sound to be. Thus, one can move around the device without the need of using cables.

There are different types of speaker, which were designed all in a different way to cater as per the need and demand. Now if you talk about the stereo speaker, it can deliver on both the sides with a single speaker. Still, a prominent question further arises that which could be the best Bluetooth speakers under $100. People who are a music lover do invest the good amount to buy the best of speakers. $100 seems such an amount, which a person can spend normally, but it still neither too less that a person can spend it anyway. So further discussing best Bluetooth speakers under $100.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

Best Bluetooth speakers under $100

Bluetooth speaker of this range is hardests to shop. No one would mind much if speakers of around $20 break, as far as worked good when it was fine and you can think to replace it, but when it comes to $100, it is more than a sort of investment. It surely needs to be more than good and satisfy the need and desire of what a consumer demands. One obviously investing such an amount would be considering a certain amount of durability, and would also love and would expect good quality of the product. At the same time when you fell that, they are not cheap, but still they are not the most expensive one or the best of speakers you will ever hear, still you want to make your money worth. So here, we go with the list of best Bluetooth speakers under $100

  • Jbl flip 4- $86
  • Cb3 armor xl- $49.99
  • Ue roll 2- $81.66
  • SONY SRSXB2- $98.00
  • Anker soundcore sport xl- $69.99

Thus, here we discuss the best Bluetooth speakers under $100after quite a research and do feel that we made a justification by mentioning the best of them.

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