Best Android Music Players 2018

Our android smartphones come with a thousand different functions and features.  But the most common feature we all tend to use is the music player. In fact, for most people, their phones merely act as mp3 players as they rarely use the other apps. From traveling to partying, music has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Google Play Music comes pre-installed on all android phones. It offers cloud streaming facilities and other functionality. But sometimes we want a more personalized, customized, need-specific music player that will suit our personality and meet your requirements.  So this breeds the necessity to download and install a new music player app.  From equalizer settings to sound output, from organization folders to download limits, these music players come with different features.

best android music players

It can be quite a daunting task to go through the various lists of endless features to select your ideal music player. Without further ado, here are some of the best android music players that every music lover or casual listener should try out.

List of Best Android Music Players:

1. Phonograph Music Player

Phonograph Music Player

The phonograph is a highly customizable music player app. Even the user interface is dynamic and changes features according to the screen’s contents. This app is a visual treat. It is highly organized and it can list your songs in terms of albums, artists or playlists. When you download the song, information such as the song’s title, artist, album name and covers are automatically downloaded and gets stored in the database. You can also edit these tags manually if required. With this highly organized database, you can store thousands of songs and still find a specific song within seconds. Creating and editing playlist is very systematic with this app. This free app also comes with lock screen controls and a sleep timer.

2. Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar is a free music player app which can be downloaded from Google Play Store. This app has a smart playlist that automatically gets generated based on most played, recently played or newly added songs. It comes with 20+ highly customizable color themes and on-screen lyrics display feature. It supports all standard music file types and has a highly organized library. The equalizer is dope with a 5 band controller setting. It is packed with additional features such as gapless playback support, android auto support, chromecast support, sleep timer and a resizable home screen widget. Despite all these features, the app size is a mere 3.9 MB. So you can download and use this without worrying about storage space issues.

3. Musixmatch


It has a special floating lyrics widget that allows you to read real-time synced lyrics while hearing the song. This lets you do a karaoke version of the song.  Do you have a particular catchy line of some song stuck in your head? No matter how many times you try to remember, you can remember the song’s title, can you? Well, do not worry. The Musixmatch will come to your rescue. This app can browse for songs by the title, the artist, the album, genre or even a few strings of words from the verses. A big fan of Korean or Japanese music? Then this app does wonders for you. It displays the translation for the lyrics being played to help you understand them. With all these features, this app has cemented its position in the best android music players list.

4. Pi Music player

Pi Music player

This is also another eye-candy app that comes with several inbuilt themes and backgrounds and a highly aesthetic interface. It is available in the Google Play Store for free (Ad free version is paid). This music player is beautifully crafted with insane features. Its 5 Band equalizer is on point and comes with a bass boot which creates a 3D reverb effect. Its mp3 player allows you to cut any mp3 file with the help of Ringtone Cutter feature. This feature also allows you to set the audio as your default ringtone. Enhanced Folder view allows you to get a glimpse of all the music files in your library. The most unique feature of this app is the Pi Power Share. Through this feature, the app allows you to share multiple tracks, albums, genres and even playlists to cross platform users across the world.

5. VLC for Android

VLC for Android

This is one music player that everyone must have heard of. Most of our PCs have this installed. The Android version is just as effective. Strictly speaking, this is not an exclusive music player as it includes video playing also. It supports a wide range of audio as well as video formats. This is quite a bulky app and can take up more storage space. But it definitely makes up for it in terms of workability. The interface is well thought-out and is a treat to the senses. It is a great app for those weird people who prefer to download and watch the music videos while playing the songs.

6. BlackPlayer Music player

BlackPlayer Music player

This is one of the new music players to join the best android music players list. This is a simple yet elegant music player with customizable colors, themes, and fonts. The equalizer, tag editor, sleep timer and widget features are similar to the other apps on the list. What makes this app stand out, is the operation and usage method. The interface highly revolves around the ‘swiping’ action. Just a series of swipes will let you do all the activities effortlessly. This is a perfect app to use while just lazing around.

7. GoneMAD Music Player

True to its name, this music player is all sorts of crazy (in a good way). This app has a load of features that can be personalized to fit our taste. With 250+ customization options and 1000+ themes, this app is highly focused on the individuality of the customers. It comes with a 14-day free trial, after which you can purchase the paid version.

Hope after reading this article, you have gained insight that will help you with the hunt for the best android music players.

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