Belkin Router Login to Modify Wi-Fi Settings

Login to Belkin Router: The Internet has changed the way we live in this world. From shopping online to interacting with our loved ones, the internet has made everything more convenient and accessible with just a single click. In order to access the internet, one might need data connection of a mobile carrier or Wi-Fi through a routing device like Belkin Router. And among of all the most preferable one is the Wi-Fi. As we already know that mobile data cannot simply replace the Wi-Fi essentiality in almost every aspect.

In order to use Wi-Fi the most important element is the router. Routers are small devices that help in joining several computer devices together. This connection could take place either in a wireless way or wired way. These routers connect with the Internet Service Provider modems and enable sharing the broadband connection with computer devices. One of the largest and renowned names in Router industry is Belkin.

belkin router login page

Belkin manufactures best in class routers which are renowned for their simplicity and ease of use. Belkin offers a wide range of routers which are suitable for needs of every institution, whether it be a School, College Dorm, Office or Home. Belkin routers are available in every country and available on every major E-commerce sites. By knowing the Belkin Router login address you can able to change different settings easily.

Belkin Router Login Address

Accessing internet through routers is an easy task. One needs to setup and configure the router in order to access the internet. Now if the router is in its default settings, there would be no problem in getting Belkin router login page and setting up the router. However, if some settings have been altered and it isn’t fresh from the factory, you would have to reset the Belkin router in order to reset it. The reset button could also be used in case you forgot the password of the Belkin router.

Below we have curated a complete definitive guide for Belkin router login that will aid you to know everything about this specific router.

Steps to get Belkin Router Login Page

  • Finding the IP Address – “” is the Default Gateway to access the Belkin Router Console Page using Local Machine. This is the IP address you would need to enter in order to open the Belkin Router Login Page and setup console.
  • Make sure you are connected to the router – The router must be engaged to the computer system in order to be worked upon. The connection could be wired or wireless.

Logging in to Belkin Router Dashboard

  • The first step would be to open a browser; it could be any browser which you deem suitable.
  • Now you would have to enter the Default Gateway to access Belkin Router login page, which is, and it would take you to the Belkin Dashboard. If you are getting an error while attempting to access, You can go to browser settings and click the browser cache and try again.
  • Now there would be a Login option, click Login and then click on Submit option. The default username and password for Belkin router is “admin” and “password” or BLANK respectively.
  • This is how you could gain access to the Belkin router login page and in turn gain access to the Belkin Wi-Fi router. As this router doesn’t have any password right now (We assume that the router has been reset), we would suggest you go to System Settings. Clicking on this option would open up another page; here you would find an option of setting up an Administrator password. Set a password, you deem suitable and keep it jotted down on a piece of paper for future references. Setting up a password would protect your router from unauthorized access by unwanted people and in turn save your valuable internet data.

Again if you are not able to login to the page, you would have to reset the Belkin router in order to erase the existing settings and put up the settings and password that you desire.

Belkin router presents the option of Parental control for the users. Using this tool, you could set up certain restrictions and prevent the people using internet through the router from accessing websites which you deem unsuitable. Not only this, the router could be used to impose a restriction on usage of internet on certain days or specific time too. You could even block services such as access to email through the use of parental control tool.

Here are the steps you need to follow to set up parental control on your Belkin Router

  • Open the Web Browser which you find convenient for usage.
  • Enter the web address, and if you had earlier put up the address in the browser, you would not have to type the whole address again.
  • Login to the Dashboard and click on Submit button by putting up the password you had set up.
  • Now, here you would have to search for Utility section. After clicking on utility section, you would find, Parental Control option. Select the option and explore the option more in order to understand the features offered under the tool.
  • Now click on Website Filter option under Parental Control and put up the websites which you think should not be accessible through the usage of the particular router.
  • After putting on the desired websites, click on the Apply changes option and save the changes.

You could also update the Belkin Router Firmware as it is always a wise choice to run hardware on the updated software. In order to update the firmware, you need to follow the above-mentioned steps again.

By entering on the web browser, you would need to reach the dashboard and go to Utility section. Here you would find Check for Updates section. Make sure you have working internet connection in order to download the updates if they are available.

After downloading the updates, install them on the router. The final step would be to reboot your Belkin Router. You are now all set to use your router for browsing the internet and much more.

So this is all about Belkin Router. Here we tried our best to provide you a comprehensive guide on how to get Belkin router login page. We also stressed upon some important aspects such as setting up a password, setting up parental control and updating the router firmware to its latest firmware in order to make the best use of the router.

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