How To Update Adobe Flash Player For MAC

Today we are going to be talking about the absolute best way to update adobe flash player for mac. Adobe flash player is one of the most impersonated software out there because it constantly needs to be updated. Adobe flash player has been one of the most popular plugins for years and hence it is very important for you to know how to update adobe flash player. Now we all know that safari disables flash player by default. A nuisance, but the company is more inclined towards one of the newer and safer ways of browsing the web-HTML5. It literally has the same features but without added security trouble.

how to update adobe flash player for mac

It’s pretty good but you still need flash plug-ins in your mac, because many of the websites will not work if you install it. There are people who wish to do your data harm. Adobe is always trying to increase its security. But these people still find new and inventive ways to trick you into downloading some malware also in this case known as adware. Many times it causes random pop-ups, a few times it can hijack your web browser, or can change your home page

Different Ways to Adobe Flash Player For MAC:

Now, first of all, if you get any kind of prompt to install the update in your flash player, do not click update, it can be a hoax to introduce an adware into your mac. The way to update flash player on your mac is through system preferences if you have already installed flash player.


  • First of all, go to the apple icon at the very top left corner of your mac and choose system preferences in the pop up list.
  • At the second step, go the bottom left corner and it should say adobe flash player.
  • Go into the flash player.
  • The fourth tab you see updates, hit check now.
  • If there is an update, it’s going to take you to Adobe’s website where you’ll be able to download the most recent version.
  • When you install it, it is going to download the installable file in the downloads folder, so go to finder and then downloads and you’ll find the file there.
  • From there click on it and type in your administrator password and you should be good to go.

You can’t have Safari or any web browsers open at the time of updating flash player, it’s going to force you to shut them down. Now even if you have checked the little circle which says update adobe flash player supposedly automatically, even then you may get pop-ups for updating the flash player, hit cancel.

Update Adobe Flash Player


  • Press the command key on the keyboard followed by spacebar to open apple spotlight app.
  • Choose system preferences and type flash player in the search tab.
  • You can see the fourth tab as updates, click on updates.
  • Click on check now
  • If the updates need to install, the software will prompt you.
  • It will take you to the adobes website, where you can install the latest update available.
  • You will download an installable file in the downloads section.
  • So go to finder and then click download and you’ll find the file there.


That’s it! Don’t let weird websites take advantage of you. By using this way, you’ll update safely. Don’t click on any prompts for updating the flash player and risk installing any type of adware in your mac.

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