3Ds Emulator For PC and Android : 10 Best Working Softwares

A 3Ds emulator is a software that emulates the graphical system and the other processes of a gaming console so the gamers can play the Nintendo 3Ds games on their Android phones or on their PCs, without having to buy the gaming console. Having a Nintendo 3Ds emulator is like having the gaming console of Nintendo that allows complete control over Nintendo games.

Best Nintendo 3Ds Emulators for PC (Mac and Linux)

nintendo-3ds emulator

  1. Citra 3Ds Emulator

Citra makes it to the top of our list because it is one of the most user-friendly programs for the purpose which means that the users can very easily access the Nintendo 3Ds games on their PC. The open source Nintendo 3Ds emulator is compatible with a number of platforms and is supported by Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The emulator is completely reliable and the only one among others that are being worked on currently. You can enjoy most of the features of the game, if not all.

  1. DeSmuME

What sets it apart from the other emulators is that DeSmuME’s user orphic provides a build service that has been automated for creating nightly blinds in the games. The emulator is free to use and the first Nintendo emulator ever that runs commercial games.

  1. NeonDS

NeonDS Nintendo Emulator is an excellent and highly compatible emulator that supports all the different platforms of Windows and is also an excellent choice for some of the commercial games as. You can get this one for free from softonic.com.

  1. iDeaS

iDeaS remain one of the best Nintendo emulators with OpenGL on Windows PC. The emulator can load a number of commercial and super popular games like Super Mario 64 DS and Pokémon diamond and pearl. The users can choose to download the game for free from coolrom.com.

  1. TronDS

TronDS is a not so popular Nintendo 3Ds emulator and its development has also stopped posting the initial stages. The emulator is unstable, not known to a lot of people, and can be used to play very simple 3DS programs such as Homebrew. The emulator has also not been updated for a very long time.

  1. 3DMOO

3DMOO is an open source emulator for 3DS games. It has been developed by DS developer team that is considered to be quite experienced and was launched by them after the launch of Citra.

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While the emulator is not supported by Mac OS, it can run smoothly on Windows and Linux. But even the Windows and Linux users complain that it crashes frequently during the use. It is not officially available to be downloaded currently but its files and source code can be accessed at Github.

Best Nintendo 3Ds Emulators For Android:

Following are some of the best emulators for Android that are working:

  1. Ultimate x3DSx Gold

If speed thrills you, you are going to love Ultimate x3DSx Gold that is a pretty fast emulator that lets you enjoy the best of games on your Android device. While you can play any kind of games with this emulator, its outstanding feature is that supports external wireless controllers for the games and also functions such as Gyro or Tilt work.

  1. DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator is regarded as one of the most stable emulators that are available in the market today. The users can enjoy a variety of games on this with a very few exceptions. There are several other features that every gamer will look forward to such as Controller Customization, Google drive support, fast forward, screen layout customization, support for hardware and software customization etc. While it is a bit steep priced emulator, it is definitely worth it.

  1. AseDS (NDS.EMU)

AseDS is a considerably new option when discussing Android Nintendo 3Ds emulators. There are several features that are responsible for a smooth running of the emulator such as cheat codes, screen display options, custom button layouts and a few performance tweaks as well. During its testing days, the emulator is believed to have played most of the ROMs without any kind of difficulty. While it encountered problems with a few games such as Pokémon, the emulator is worth the experience since it is also free to use.

  1. nds4droid

nds4droid is an open source emulator that can be enjoyed for free. It has been on the market for a while but can still compete against new emulators with its features such as smooth operation, good speed, performance tweaks saving, and loading states. There are a few issues with its performance but the developers are constantly working on improving them.

  1. NDS Boy! NDS Emulator

This one is an addition to the list of relatively new 3DS Emulators for Nintendo. With average ROM compatibility and a few features to its credit, it is a pretty decent emulator to be used. The features include customizable controls, load and save states, and controlling basic stuff. 7z, RAR, Zip files and NDS files are some of the game files that are compatible with NDS Boy! NDS Emulator. While it is available free, the user must have a high tech device that is latest.

  1. RetroArch

Much like many others on our list, RetroArch is also an open source emulator and is absolutely free to use. The emulator boasts of high system availability like Nintendo DS, Play Station, SNES and Game Boy. While most of the emulators that we mentioned above belong to the core class, RetroArch is a little more complicated when compared to others. It should be used to play a very special category of games. If you can ignore a few petty issues here and there, the emulator is excellent and free to use.

While it would be wrong to categorize any one of these as the best emulator, each one of them allows the gamers enjoy Nintendo games on their phones or PC, without buying the console.

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